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The following Teleport accessories are illustrated here:

Eyepiece Adapter
Aperture Mask & Solar Filter
Sky Commander System
Soft Case for 7" Teleport
Stand for 7" Teleport

The Teleport 1-1/4" to 2" adapter

Aperture mask and solar filter

Backside, showing stored dust cover

Sky Commander System

Style shown is for pre-2002 Teleports. Simpler, less expensive, easier to install ones fit later scopes.

The complete Sky Commander system for a new Teleport includes:

  1. Sky Commander, encoders, & cable
  2. Encoder mounts (pair)
  3. Encoder installation & testing

To add it to an existing scope yourself, just order the first two parts. If you already have a Sky Commander or other compatible computer, substitute the "Encoders only" for the "Sky Commander & Encoders".

Encoders for use with Sky Commander (5 sets for 7" shown)

Encoders will add 20mm (0.8") to the height of the scope
and 6mm (0.25") to its width.

Carrying case for 7" Teleport

Parts for the 7" Stand

The 7" Stand


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