Tom and Linda’s 2008 Europe Trip

Home again

Leaving Switzerland

The Geneva hotel actually opened their breakfast room a bit early for us. We were up around 5AM in Geneva, with a 7:35 2-hour flight to London Heathrow.

Had to clear customs there and re-check our luggage, then had a few hours to spend. Since we were on our way home, we both decided to check our backpacks as well as our gear bags, and just carry a small bag on.

I stopped at a duty-free there and bought of bottle of Lagavulin Special Reserve, that Scotch whiskey I had discovered in Edinburgh over a month before.

Leaving Europe

Then we were on a 9.5-hour flight to Denver, 3 hours there to clear US customs and pack the whiskey into my checked luggage (it’s a liquid more than 3 ounces!), crossed my fingers over the packing and rechecked luggage again.

When we finally landed in Dallas it had been 26 hours since we woke up in Geneva. That's a long day.

The trip home is now mostly a blur of airports and customs qeues, shuttle trains and elevators, and long hours in cramped airplane seats.

Huge thanks to our friend Jerry who transported us to and from the airport and, with our friend Allen, looked after the house and cats during our long absence.

We celebrated our homecome with a wee dram (my Lagavulin made it intact!) and a lot of sleep.


1 Beginning 5 Paris 9 Frankfurt and the Night Train 13 Bavaria and Tirol
2 London to Edinburgh 6 Bruges 10 Vienna 14 Motorcycles in the Alps
3 The Fringe 7 Amsterdam 11 Hallstatt and the Salzkammergut 15 Switzerland near Interlaken
4 Scotland and Wales 8 Bacharach in the Rhine Valley 12 Salzburg 16 Home again

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