The Galapagos Islands, May 2007

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09 - - Friday AM, May 18 - - Baltra Island back to Guayaquil




Farewell to our great tour guides  (Think I'll become a perpetual tourist)


and farewell to the crew


and to the Santa Cruz


and friends





Richard and Eddie were especially hard to leave


Friday AM, May 18 - - Time to fly to Quayaquil on the mainland



Unlike Quito at over 9,000 ft. Guayaquil is very near sea level






The city wiring keeps the repair people guessing










He stopped making progress when the tide reversed the direction of the river flow


This is actually a working transport ship


Hauling produce to the city


A successful hunt


Guayaquil has beautiful parks right downtown



and houses on every available square meter



and places where people are dying to get in . . .


Poolside at the Colon Hilton


I walked out to find a local restaurant and hit the jackpot at a place with huge portions


Friends dining there invited me to me to not order but just mooch - - No problem!


Saturday, May 19 - - Guayaquil to Miami to Dallas



No way to get to the gate without passing right through the shops




Snoozing, reading and reflecting on the return flight to Miami



Each of us got to have lunch with Richard once. I found it very enjoyable and asked him to autograph my copy of "The Extended Phenotype." I had finished seven of his books and was reading it when it was time to begin our trip. It's much more complex than his other books and is written to a large extent for other professional biologists. I took it along because it was light in weight but heavy in content, a slow read I thought would last the entire trip.

A month later it's still lasting, and lasting, and lasting . . .


1 - Wednesday, May 09 - Dallas to Miami to Quito
2 - Friday, May 11, AM - Quito to Baltra then Santa Cruz
3 - Saturday, May 12, AM - Espanola (Hood) Island
4 - Sunday, May 13 AM - Fernandina (Narborough) Island
5 - Monday, May 14 - Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz Island
6 - Tuesday, May 15 AM, Bartholomew Island
7 - Wednesday AM, May 16 - Rabida (Jervis) Island
8 - Thursday AM, May 17 - San Cristobal Island
9 - Friday AM, May 18 - Baltra Island back to Guayaquil