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Teleport Telescope Optics

The Primary Mirror

Each Teleport Primary mirror is figured, tested, and numbered by Carl Zambuto, one of the nation’s most respected optical craftsmen. It comes to you with his personal performance guarantee and signature on a copy of the photograph below.

Zambuto Optical Company assures each Teleport owner of the best possible mirror. Carl is as dedicated to making the finest optics as I am to building the finest telescopes. These are simply the best mirrors available; expensive and worth it.

Carl Zambuto figuring a 14.5" Teleport mirror


When I got the chance to develop the Teleport as a commercial scope, I sought out a mirror maker who could provide the kind of quality I envisioned for the scope itself. I contacted John Hall of Pegasus Optics, a mirror maker with a long and excellent reputation. John wasn’t making 10" mirrors, and he referred me to an optician named Carl Zambuto, in Ranier, Washington. He said he believed Carl could provide the very best mirrors in the size range I needed. Truer words were never spoken.

Carl had made hundreds of mirrors over the years, had taught workshops and won awards all over the northwest, and had just recently begun his professional career. He liked what I was doing with the Teleport, and agreed to supply mirrors to me and three other PTM’s. It's been great.

As I built the series of prototypes for the 10" Teleport, improving each in every way I could, I found that Carl’s mirrors were consistently outstanding. They raised my sights for what a 10" Newtonian system could do, and made me strive

each time for a scope that would take full advantage of them. The inspiration they provided caused me to put a lot of extra work into The Teleport development, and it paid off. The Teleport’s performance grew to something well beyond my original vision, reaching a place not previously thought possible for a 10" reflector.

Carl’s mirrors deserve the best from a scope. I’ve told him I think my job is to support what his mirror can do and take nothing from it. Most telescope designs do take a number of things from what could be achieved, but their effect seems small if they are using an ordinary mirror.

Special things in the Teleport like the tight intercept distance that lets a high quality small secondary still give great field illumination, the light baffles and shroud, the nine point cell, the cooling fan, and many other small details make a difference when they combine with the finest mirror available. So my thanks to Carl Zambuto for what he does to help make every Teleport the best it can be.

testZambuto/Teleport Foucaltgram

If you've seen many mirrors under the Foucalt knife edge test, you'll know this is an example of what mirror makers strive for but rarely achieve. Its smooth surface and figure are merely typical of a Zambuto/Teleport mirror.



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