2011 Poulsbo Summer

Once again Linda and I headed out for another summer in the Northwest. It was our fifth since we began working on a new place to live up there. We passed our final inspection last summer and Linda's mother Cathy moved there from Florida.

I began the trip by riding the Buell to deliver it to its new owner near Austin. Linda picked me up there in the GTI and we met Kevin and Danielle for lunch at the East Side Cafe. We spent the night with them in Dripping Springs and went on to the Kerrville Music Festival.

We've learned that going to Kerrville on the way to Washington saves hundreds of miles compared to doing it as a separate round trip from Wylie. This year we left in such a scramble that I forgot all about photos until our camp at Quiet Valley Ranch, so that's where they begin.

This was an especially important Kerrville for those of us who are part of Camp Coho. Since last summer, Coho lost it's mainstay, Michael Terry, as well as Jack Hardy, who always comes from New York to spend his festival time with us there. Dozens of friend turned out for a celebration of the lives of two of the truly great Kerrverts.




Linda's hats always draw a lot of interest




"Too much Corona, You Get Lime Disease"   Jack Hardy




"Everything's Bigger in Texas"   Jack Hardy


How to make Coho Coffee, as illustrated by the master, Michael Terry




Sun dried cheese and Texas wine. It doesn't get any better.




Ross, are you sure?


















































Time for the main stage, with . . .


Susan Werner


Cheryl Wheeler


David Wilcox


Time to pack up way too soon


and head west


First stop is the home of friends in El Paso


John has a smoker just like the great one he gave us a few years ago




Our great host and hostess


The York kids (especially John) like the new snow cone machine


And Deb likes Linda's hats


So does John


That look is right on


El Paso by night


and by day


Too soon time to roll on






San Xavier mission, on the Tohona-O'odham Nation reservation, near Tucson




Our mission was to get some of the great fry bread


Mission accomplished


See the dome on Kitt Peak in the background


You can't miss it now






The McMath solar telescope


Looking up at the celostat


One of the mirrors is placed by the trolley on this track




One of the research astronomers we met there


another who gave us a close up look at the McMath focus


Linda checks out the sun with a Coronado


Our friend from earlier works at the celostat





This is always my favorite view of the mountaintop



Hoover dam from the new bypass bridge




I took the helicopter ride last year before the bridge was completed


non-stop thru Vegas.  I've already been too many times










Can you spot Mt. Whitney?






Mono Lake, near Lee Vining














Enough of that








You may have seen this from 30 years ago on our living room wall






Rosies is always a good place to stop in Tahoe City


Statue at the Donner Party site


The old Truckee Hotel


Mt. Shasta




First time here for either of us


This is our idea of spelunking










Crater Lake is still a must






Looking toward Mt. St. Helens from the town of Hood River




Rainier is home to Main St. Cookie Co. and Zambuto Optical




A good cigar is the secret to the quality of Zambuto mirrors




Blanks for the next five Teleports




The base at Bremerton




and here we are


Ursula was waiting


as well as Cathy


this tree was looking toward the house, so . . .


Digger Dave prepares the trench for water and power to the new shop


Supervised of course by Quixote


Who was rescued by Barbara




A hose bib for Barbara's garden


Clearing brush for the new hammock space


Our computer area and the yoga space


the theatre


The new kitchen


I modified these Ikea cabinets in the LTFWT and we hauled them up


Cathy's flower garden


What was stored in the garage for the winter


had to get relocated to the new garage/workshop


as soon as it's new loft was finished


the hammock is a perfect fit in the cleared space


The water and power connections are now complete

as is the countertop for the new range cabinets


I sourced the Okume plywood for the next Teleports here at Edensaw in Pt. Townsend


Pygmy boats will provide kits for the kayaks we want to build next summer




We tried out a finished one here


Cleaned up the Ducati


and filled it's tank before heading for the motorcycle "Rally In the Gorge"


The Tacoma Narrows bridge


My favorite breakfast place in Spanaway


Can you guess which of the five volcanoes in the area this one is?


The road to Windy Ridge was still closed with snow. I rode it last summer.


 This road, NF-25, was just opened a few days ago


You can look but you can't go


Our campground for the rally is the city park in Stevenson


The finest in covered parking for these bikes


and tent sites on the north bank of the Columbia




Looking south toward Mt. Hood


Hood river has great windsurfing


Do you remember Clem Salvadore (center) from our Edelweiss ride three years ago?




Overlooking the Columbia river near Multnoma Falls


Reminded me of the Rhine


This hike promised a view of the five nearest volcanic peaks


St. Helens










Will I ever learn to identify these five peaks?


Thanks to these fellow riders for the photo of me


Clem shows a photo of 750 Honda like mine from 1969


Time to dry and pack the tent


I headed east along the Columbia




After they tapped all the available hydropower, they turned to the wind




Headed up the road out of Ellensburg




Since I would be close, I had to stop by the Table Mountain Star Party


Missed seeing Hulan Fleming, who painted the portrait of Carl Zambuto


I've been to the TMSP three times before. It's a great star party.

There seemed a good turnout this year


This was my first time to cross the entire mountain. The Ducati was up for it.




I met Linda and Barbara for an outdoor concert featuring some of our songwriter friends


These are our friends, and we even admit it.


Pierce Pettis


Cary Cooper


Tom Prasada Rao






It went on into the evening


Please try to imagine many cool photos at the place in Poulsbo in this space here.

Somehow I lost about 40 of them taken during the last part of our time there.

We start again here on the return trip home with Barbara.


The home of Bill and Mary Muse, our friends in Missoula, MT.


The Two Muses will soon be moving back to the Texas Hill Country


Down there is Nederland, CO


and the home of our friend Darryl Purpose





Darryl has a great view of Nederland


We met Bernice Lewis, from Massachusetts, for lunch in Pueblo


We stayed that night with our friend Tim Keller in Des Moines, NM


We stayed in Christina's Studio C. She was away in Santa Fe.




Tim recommended this café, named for the nearby mountain. Good breakfast!


We met up with friends from Australia and Texas at Comanche Springs Observing site


The 3RF campus is the largest public observing facility in Texas


Three Rivers Foundation is the brainchild of our friend Fred Koch


My old dome that came from the White Sands Missile Test Range.

I had donated it to 3RF to welcome visitors to the campus.

Linda and I plan to create a series of proper signs for it this winter

They will tell the story of how Clyde Tombaugh was once in charge of it.


That's all folks!