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Pricing and Delivery

October 2011: The first people on the notify list for 12.5” Teleports will be contacted beginning in early November. Those placing an order will need to have their deposit in by the end of November for scopes to be delivered by late spring 2012.

Teleport Telescopes are made by hand in small quantities. Each takes well over a hundred hours of my time, which doesn't include fabrication of the optics and many other special purchased parts. That limits production to less than a dozen scopes per year, usually all the same size. To purchase one, the customer pays a 50% deposit when the order is accepted and the balance prior to shipping. Current prices are as shown in the table.

A notification list system was started in the spring of '02. Since then many of the parts for a batch of scopes are completed before orders will be accepted in order to reduce the delivery time. After a new run is underway, those who signed up earliest on the list for that size are contacted and given an estimate of the deliverry time they can expect. They need to confirm their intent to order within a couple of weeks and to send in their order and deposit within a couple more.

This notify list system keeps the process orderly and reduces the time deposits are held. The time between signing up on a list and being able to order a scope can still be quite long, but the wait for delivery after placing an order and sending a deposit is reduced by this process.

Signing up on a notify list implies no obligation, but I do ask that you do so only if you intend to place an order. To sign up, send me an email and include the scope size in the subject line and your street address and phone number in the message. A reply will be sent soon confirming that you have been placed on the list. If your contact information changes while you are waiting, please remember to send me an update.

Telescope Prices and Schedule
January, 2008
















The above prices are effective are subject to change before but not after an order is accepted. Cancellation of an order after it is placed will allow a refund of 80% of the deposit. Orders for a small number of 12.5" scopes will be accepted early in 2008 from the first customers on that notify list and delivery of their scopes will begin within a year. Order schedules for the other sizes will be determined and announced later.


Prices for other products are listed in the following table.

Accessories Prices
Summer 2010



Pack, Ship, Insure, UPS Surface


Sky Commander System with encoders and mounts, installed


Sky Commander only


Sky Commander Cable

$ 25

Encoders, pair (use w/your computer)


Encoder Mounts (pre 2002)


Encoder Mounts (2002 & later)

$ 80

Encoder Mount Installation

$ 30

7" Padded Carrying Case


7" TriStand


7" Aperture Mask & Solar Filter


7" Extension Light Shield

$ 45

10" Aperture Mask & Solar Filter


10" Extension Light Shield

$ 50



12.5" Aperture Mask & Solar Filter


12.5" Extension Light Shield

$ 55

14.5" Aperture Mask & Solar Filter


14.5" Extension Light Shield

$ 60

1.25" to 2.00" parfocal adapter

$ 20

1.25" Laser Collimator (discontinued)


2.00" Laser Collimator (discontinued)


Pentax XW Eyepieces, 1.25", ea
(3.5, 5, 7, 10, 14, & 20 mm)


Pentax XW Eyepieces, 2.00", ea
(30 & 40 mm)


TeleVue Radian Eyepieces, each
(3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 & 18 mm)


Televue Panoptic, 24mm


Televue Visual Paracorr


Extra 6oz. SS Counterweights, ea

$ 15


To receive your accesssories with your scope, please include them in your original order.
Orders for accessories placed separately may add to their delivery time and cost.
Print the order form (pdf file) and complete both copies.
Mail one copy with your check, made payable to Tom Noe, to 4030 N Hwy 78, Wylie, TX 75098
Please include the amount for shipping. Most small accessory orders will ship for $15 total.

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