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Teleport 12.5" F/4.8

The 12.5" Teleport is the newest size. It began production in the winter of '07-'08.

Teleport 12.5



Wheels Power Supply Light Shroud Altitude Mirror Cell Cover Azimuth Cooling Spider Focuser Finder Strut Clamps altspot coverspot coolspot powerspot shroudspot spiderspot finderspot focusspot clampspot


Focal Length: 1536 mm
Dimensions: 16.5" x 17" x 28.6" (420 x 436 x 727 mm)
Weight: 47 pounds (21 kg)
Eyepiece Height at Zenith: 58" (1469 mm)

The 12.5" Teleport is easily carried in one hand, open or closed, by an average person. The top strap and altitude rings are easily accessed through flaps on the cover (included, but not shown here).

Like other Teleports, it opens and is ready for use in about a minute.
To see how it's done, look at the demo of the 14.5" Teleport

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