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Teleport 7" F/5.6

NOTE: The photos and feature descriptions as well as the downloadable brochure and manual have not yet been updated to include many improvements being implemented for all future scopes. That will be completed over the next few months, but for now please see the first section of News for descriptions of these improvements.

7" Teleport Closed
Focal Length:
39.2" (996 mm)
10.0" x 10.7" x 20.5"
(254 x 272 x 519 mm)
18 pounds (8 kg)
Eyepiece Height at Zenith:
41" (1041 mm)

The 7" Teleport is easily carried, open or closed, by one average person.

The top strap and altitude rings are handholds, easily accessed through flaps in the cover.

An optional Soft Case protects the telescope for travel.

It opens and is ready for use in about a minute.
Want a demo?

Click on a feature below for information about it,
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Altitude Bearing altspot Mirror Cell Power Supply powerspot Drawer drawerspot Azimuth Bearing Cover coverspot Shroud shroudspot Spider & Secondary spiderspot Finder finderspot Focuser focusspot Strut Clamps clampspot t7


Owner's Manual

These PDF files require the free software,
Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or later.

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