The 7" Teleport

Opening the Teleport 
is as easy as 1-2-3

Carry the Teleport to your chosen viewing location, set it on a solid surface and remove the cover to begin.




Open Step 1 Open Step 2 Open Step 3

Remove the top plate and snap it on the side of the scope or set it aside. Grasp the secondary cage to extend the struts. Once the struts are fully extended, grasp two opposite struts to make sure its all the way up.

Pull up firmly on each strut. You will feel the positive stop. Hold the strut extended against this stop as you tighten its clamps.  Repeat this process for the other three struts. The positive stops will help maintain collimation from one setup to another.

Tilt the Teleport from the vertical.  Unclip the finder scope from its storage position in the rocker box front opening and clip it into position.  Choose an eyepiece from the built-in drawer, insert it in the focuser, and you're ready to view!

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